Doing Renovations? Spend your money in the right places!

Dated: January 22 2020

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This week Justin DeCrosta and I explored the world of home renovations that don't get as much bang for your hard-earned buck!

In my last post, we mentioned the top 3 items you as a consumer are seeing in the descriptions of houses under 5 million dollars. This week we discuss where not to put your money when doing renovations, to ensure you are getting the right level of return. Some of the major things that caught my eye in the article from HousingWire was the impact of missing the upward tick in a trend in kitchens and the value of a good paint job.  For example, they state that "a low-quality paint job can result in the seller losing out on as much as $1700."

This one, in particular, caught my eye because my brother-in-law, Ede Dantas, who is a professional painter, has proven the value of his professional hand in painting a home.  The amazing work he and his team does is what laymen emulate. As realtors, we know as soon as we walk in a home the difference between a professionally painted room and one done by the homeowner. My question to you is, would you rather get a return for your investment or lose money?

Though I know the answer, I feel it is important to ask the question, because I know I too fall victim to "ICanDoit-itis" and when the results are good but not great end up with a prescription to "WhoCanDoThisBetter?" My recommendation is to use a professional when it comes to big-ticket items, because skimping on small items may cause you huge.

This is Wali Muhammad, your Ideal Solutions Realtor, signing out till next time.

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If you would like to read the full article here is the link:

If you are looking to get the exterior or interior of your home painted, reach out to Ede Dantas of Paint the Edge at (860) 391-5905. Click the name above to book an appointment on Facebook.

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